Strategic Report for Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

31 October, 2016

Ministry of Agriculture, Spain, Chambers of Commerce, ICEX and 12 Regional Promotion Agencies.

Strategic report defining export promotion strategies to boost Spanish F&B companies’ exports to India.

Macroeconomic based desk research to confirm the exporting position of Spanish  compared to other countries for 12 category products. Assessment of untapped market potential via interviews with Indian associations and industry professionals. Monitoring of trending topics and consumer behaviour. Evaluation of the position of Spain’s branding in the Indian consumer mindset. Once the analysis was concluded, inQuve developed a three year strategy and action plan with a set of goals to be achieved. -PLAN INDIA 2010-2012 was born.

Spanish exports doubled and more than a hundred companies were able to distribute their products in India. Since then, more campaigns led by Spanish Trade Associations  followed these initiatives. Some examples are: “EUROPEAN QUALITY FOODS: EATING WITH YOUR FIVE SENSES” and “Olives From Spain Make Food Yummy Everyday” implemented by inQuve and Join The Olive Oil Revolution evaluated by inQuve.

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