ACTIVE WALLS introduces Photocatalytic technologies to tackle air polution

23 November, 2017

Client: ACTIVE WALLS is a Spanish company specialized in the production of environmental technologies which employ the photocatalysis achieving air decontamination in urban settings, factories, schools, hospitals and apartments, among others.

Goal: Introduce the products of ACTIVE WALLS in Malaysia and Singapore. The target companies were importers/distributors of green and sustainable technologies and construction companies with wide experience and interest in the construction of environmentally friendly buildings and infrastructures.

Methodology: The commercial prospection of ACTIVE WALLS products in Malaysia and Singapore had a duration of 8 weeks, timeframe in which INQUVE identified potential companies interested in importing and using the technologies of the Spanish company. Having identified the opportunities in both markets, INQUVE proceed to prepare a 5 days business agenda which allowed the Spanish company to know first-hand the way of doing business in the target markets, the existing opportunities as well identify the interests of the potential partners.

Achievements: Following the visit of ACTIVE WALLS to Malaysia and Singapore, the Spanish company has identified several importers and distributors of green technologies with a huge interest in introducing their products into the target markets.

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