Exploratory delegation of 15 Moroccan Institutions in Malaysia

31 October, 2016

MAROC EXPORT promoting exports of industrial products under the supervision of the Ministry Delegate to the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy, Trade Officer Exterior.

Analise the market in different sectors to evaluate the opportunities to entry the market and clarify the best way for future develop country strategy in Malaysia.  Consolidating the Moroccan position abroad and the Moroccan exports in international markets. Developing partnerships with foreign similar institutions and centers.

Market research was conducted to assess the opportunities in Malaysia for all Moroccan association from different sectors. InQuve in collaboration with MATRADE, identified 100 members, between companies and associations, with interest in to have a B2B meeting with Moroccan Associations for future collaborations. Database includes all relevant information from each Company and Institution. InQuve organized meetings at the offices of the Malaysian companies, organizing also the list of detailed meeting schedules dates and times. InQuve divided the participants into groups depending on their interest and the programmed visits. InQuve found and supplied 6 interpreters French/English for B2B meetings and 3 interpreters French/English for the onsite visits Once the event finish, inQuve proceed to evaluate the B2B meetings and onsite visit, to analyse the opportunities for each association, based in comments and statistic collected from the questionnaires filled from Malaysian part during the process. InQuve present the results of the mission together with all the information considered as a relevant to MAROCEXPORT.

The seminar was success, with more than 100 attendances. All the associations have got a complete agenda with companies and associations from Malaysia. This has generated a social promoting about Moroccan Market. Moroccan associations could realize their main future opportunities in Malaysia, as well as Malaysian companies and associations knows about same type of opportunities with Morocco.

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